Alabama and Arizona home to top tech cities

Money Magazine recently listed the Top 20 cities for tech jobs in the U.S. While many people consider the Silicon Valley, based near San Francisco, to be a mecca for the tech sector, rising real estate prices have led innovators to look elsewhere.

"The tech industry is no longer bound to the coast," ZipRecruiter's Chief Economic Adviser, Cathy Barrera, told the publication. "As a result, we're seeing the tech industry expand out of the major metropolis areas, and into smaller regional cities that have since flown largely under the radar."

Topping the list is Huntsville, Alabama. The city offers a much more affordable cost of living, which can entice small business owners to set up shop. From 2016 to 2017, the city saw over 300 percent growth in the tech sector. The top jobs include software engineer and information technology specialist.

Phoenix, Arizona also made the top five, boasting 188 percent year over year growth. Software developers, project managers and software engineers are in high demand in this city.

Kansas City, Missouri. also makes the list. This city is one of the many hubs for TechStars, a startup incubator, which draws entrepreneurs in.

A new report looks at the top cities for tech innovation.