Clean energy boosting employment in the Midwest

Recent data indicates that clean energy is helping the U.S. job market.

The Toledo Blade reported that the Midwest has benefited particularly well from clean energy production. Data collected by alternative energy advocacy group Clean Energy Trust and Environmental Entrepreneurs noted no fewer than 12 states added jobs within the sector during 2016 - 30,000 new positions in total.

This number carries major significance, as the entire U.S. alternative energy industry has provided for the creation of just under 600,000 positions throughout its existence. 

Illinois leads the pack with 119,395 clean energy jobs, with Ohio and Michigan close behind at 105,443 and 92,271 positions, respectively. Gail Parson, a spokesperson for Environmental Entrepreneurs, elaborated on the scope of the sector's employment in an interview.

"These people are going to work every day with jobs in energy efficiency, solar, wind, geothermal, clean cars, manufacturing and construction jobs," Parsons told the Blade. "There are twice as many people with clean energy jobs in the Midwest than computer programmers in the entire company."

While a state like Minnesota didn't manage to match Ohio or Illinois due to population reasons, it still showed remarkable clean energy job growth. Positions in this sector grew by a factor of 5.3 percent between 2015 and 2016, 3.8 times faster than the state's overall rate of employment expansion. 

Clean energy boosting employment within the Midwest