Connecticut recovers all jobs lost in recession

Last month Connecticut added back all the private-sector jobs it lost in during the 2008-2010 recession, the Hartford Courant reported. 

In June, the state added 7,100 private-sector positions. During the years of the recession, a total of 111,700 private-sector jobs were shed during the recession. 

"Our unemployment data continues to show growth in the labor force and employment, indicating that workers are entering or rejoining the labor force and most are finding jobs," said Connecticut Department of Labor Research Director, Andy Condon. 

However, the state has gained back just 84 percent of all jobs lost overall. It needs to gain 19,100 jobs to mark an expansion of the labor market, the source noted. 

The June gains were the largest single-month increase since April 2011, according to the Stamford Advocate. The state unemployment rate rose to 5 percent in June from 4.9 percent in May, though economists tied the increase to more individuals entering the labor market. 

"Discouraged workers are coming back into the workforce, and that ultimately is a good thing," said economist for the Connecticut Business & Industry Association, Pete Gioia. "This report shows Connecticut has the potential to start seeing sustained and significant job gains."

Some 111,700 private-sector jobs were shed during the recession.