Elon Musk wants to ease traffic - with a hyperloop

Elon Musk, tech entrepreneur and founder of Tesla cars, continues to be in the news - but this time it's for his plan to ease the commute between New York City and Washington D.C.

Musk wants to build a "hyperloop" between the two cities, Reuters reported. This loop would transport commuters in pods, potentially making the trip between the two metropolises as short as thirty minutes. This type of design is similar to the first ideas of the modern subway system used in Boston and New York City.

In order to begin construction, Musk needs approval from leaders in both cities along with environmental groups.

The publication also noted that Musk is interested in rolling out this hyperloop to Los Angeles, linking it to San Francisco and potentially alleviating the intense traffic there. According to The LA Times, inhabitants of Los Angeles suffer the worst traffic in the U.S., and spent an average of 81 hours per years stuck in traffic in 2015.

A new plan from Elon Musk wants to get commuters between two cities in 30 minutes.