Georgia needs to hire 250,000 by 2025 to meet demands

Georgia's Department of Labor noted that the number of jobs in food service is expected to increase by 8 percent, going from 357,640 in 2016 to 386,750 in 2018. Atlanta is seeing an increase in demand for food service jobs, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. In addition to fast casual restaurants, stores such as Aldi are hiring throughout Georgia. Aldi has 20 locations in Atlanta alone.

Another growing sector in Georgia's economy is professional, scientific and technical services. Analysts forecast just over 6 percent growth, adding approximately 15,000 jobs in the coming year. Healthcare also added more than 13,000 jobs.

Many of these positions qualify as "middle-skill jobs," the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute noted. These are jobs that require some schooling short of a four-year degree.

For positions that require a college degree, employers are looking to recent college graduates. According to the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, more than 60 percent of Georgia's jobs will require a degree or certification by 2025. In order to fulfill the need for educated employees, Georgia will need to produce an additional 250,000 graduates by 2025.

Georgia continues to hire to meet market demands.