IT sector accounting for more Washington state hiring

Technology jobs have increased exponentially over the last decade, as new advancements have led to a demand for appropriately trained professionals. In Washington state, the information technology (IT) sector has been one of the biggest creators of new jobs through the last few years, and the outlook is only getting better, The Seattle Times reports.

According to the source, Washington has added more than 15,000 IT jobs since 2010, bringing the total over 400,000 total positions filled in the sector. As the source notes, the total of more than 434,000 jobs in that one sector account for 13.6 percent of the overall employment in the state.

Not only are there more jobs in IT, especially in software and computer services, the average wages are also far higher than other industries. According to a Technology Alliance study, the average wages for IT jobs in the state are just below $95,000 per year, or nearly double the $49,829 average annual income of other sectors, the news provider added.

Washington-based IT companies have additionally aided job growth in other states. Earlier this month, Kentucky-based CBS affiliate WKYT 27 reported that Seattle, Washington-based Amazon began building a new facility in Winchester, Kentucky. This project is expected to create more than 550 full-time jobs in the state.