Job gains helping push Brazil out of recession

A second-consecutive month of job gains may be pointing to Brazil's exit from a deep recession. 

Employment growth in the country surpassed expectations in May, with 34,253 jobs added, Reuters reported, citing data released by the government. Economists polled by the news agency had anticipated that Brazil would add just 20,000 jobs last month. 

The Brazilian economy is also on the rise, estimated to expand by 0.4 percent this year following declines in the last two years. 

The job growth is good news for the country, which has been ailed by a recession and record-high unemployment rates. In early June, data was released that put the national unemployment rate at 13.6 percent, a new high, WGNO reported. Prior to the recession, the unemployment rate was just 6.5 percent. 

Some major corporations are looking at how they can reconfigure and reboot their strategies in a post-recession environment, such as digital vendor SAP. The company, a major employer in the country, saw a 50 percent increase in new accounts in the first quarter of 2017, and is looking for ways to increase job opportunities in Brazil, ZDnet reported. 

"As the president of the Brazilian operation, it is my job to not only focus on our client base, but also ensure that we are doing our part to ensure the development of the country," said SAP Brazil President Cristina Palmaka. 

Employment growth in the country surpassed expectations in May.