Manitoba aerospace, manufacturing sectors receive $10 million in federal funding

The manufacturing and aerospace sectors in Manitoba, Canada, will receive $10 million in federal funding, Global News reported. 

The funds will be put toward creating additional learning spaces, building out laboratories and developing job-training programs for students at the Centre for Aerospace Technology and Training and the "Smart Factory," which will open in 2018 at the Notre Dame Campus of Red River College. 

The funds will be distributed over the next five years, the source explained. 

The recently released 2017 State of Canada's Aerospace Industry Report revealed that the aerospace industry is the most innovative manufacturing sector in Canada, a press release detailed. Aerospace added 208,000 jobs and $28 billion to the Canadian economy in 2016, and was the top R&D investor of all manufacturing sectors. 

The report also found that aerospace outperforms the national manufacturing average in the use of "four major types of innovation practices": process, product, marketing and organizational innovation. 

"The aerospace industry is the poster child for innovation leadership in Canada," said Jim Quick, president and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, which released the report in collaboration with Science and Economic Development Canada. "It is collaborative, globally integrated, and a best-in-class creator of high-value jobs and opportunity for Canadians all across the country."

The manufacturing and aerospace sectors in Manitoba, Canada, will receive $10 million in federal funding.