Restaurant job growth still rising with annual growth expected at 3 percent

The restaurant industry continues to be a bright point in the hiring market, as its overall growth throughout 2013 is expected to outpace the economy for the 14th straight year.

New analysis from the National Restaurant Association found that in the third quarter of 2013, restaurants added a net gain of 387,000 positions. While that was the slowest period of growth in five quarters, employment remains on a positive track overall.

By the end of 2013, NRA initial estimates place the total job growth for the industry in 2013 to be at 3.2 percent, double that of the 1.6 percent gains predicted to be seen in the overall economy.

Job growth percentages are expected to be especially impressive. The year 2013 should mark the third straight year of industry job growth over 2.5 percent, which hasn't been seen in the national economy since 1998.

One example of this wide and fast growth comes from Jules restaurant in Tyler, Texas, which is expected to hire 200 people in the near future to help its opening, according to KLTV. The restaurant itself is more than 18,000 square feet, explaining the high number of needed workers.