Sanford Health ramps up EMR hiring in the Dakotas

Minnesota-based Sanford Health has announced plans to hire 100 new temporary workers to help train its employees as it gears up to make the switch to electronic medical records (EMR). The announcement came as CompTIA launched a new credentials program for technology workers in the healthcare industry.

Sanford Health said it will hiring both full- and part-time workers as part of a $8 million initiative to train approximately 10,000 employees in the Fargo, North Dakota, area on the new electronic system, according to the Grand Fork Herald.

The company said a number of the positions will pay $10 an hour and include data entry. A smaller number of jobs will be offered at more than $15 an hour.

Meanwhile, as the medical community gears up to implement EMR systems across the country under a federal mandate, Illinois-based CompTIA said it will offer a specialty certification program focused on essential healthcare concepts and trends, including how to deploy and support the new electronic technology.

According to the company, the credential will also be useful for managed IT service providers that deliver services to medical providers and for healthcare professionals in technical roles.