Tech firm starts employee 'sabbatical' program

Weebly, a website development company, has rolled out a new benefit for its employees: a paid, six-week "Weebly Wanderlust" sabbatical program, with airfare included, Employee Benefit News reported. 

Weebly workers are encouraged to use the time to travel. It is available to employees who have been with the firm for five years or longer, which currently represents 10 percent of Weebly's 275-person workforce. 

"We want to show our employees that we value them and their work," said CEO and co-founder David Rusenko, according to the source. "They shouldn't feel that they have to switch jobs to get the time off they need to recharge."

Other companies have also begun offering more diverse benefits to their employees. At Airbnb, employees receive an annual stipend of $2,000 for travel, Glassdoor reported. 

And at cloud services company FullContact, employees receive $7,500 to go on vacation, according to Monster. The caveat for the arrangement is that employees must not engage in any work-related activities while on their trips. 

"At FullContact, the core value is 'Be Awesome with People.' Since 'worldly' is the W in AWESOME, we encourage people to travel the world," said CEO and co-founder Bart Lorang. "As a result, I get more productive, happier employees. I would rather have them super-productive and super-charged when they're working rather than constantly at a 70 to 60 percent state."

The company has 78 employees with locations in Denver and San Francisco. 

Weebly workers are encouraged to use the time to travel.