U.S. economy in reasonable shape on state-by-state basis

Earlier in August 2017, the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics released its Employment Situation Report showing respectable job growth, alongside a slight decline in the U.S. unemployment rate. Now, BLS data on jobs added is available on a state-by-state basis, and the results overall bear a positive outlook for the near future.

Reporting on the BLS findings, The Associated Press noted that 11 states throughout America saw upticks in hiring, while 15 states experienced dips in their individual unemployment percentages.

All told, 27 states in the nation had positive changes to their economic statuses, outweighing the 23 that saw decreases - all of which were small - in employment.

In terms of raw job total increases, California led the pack with 82,600 positions added. States with the most robust growth in employment percentage saw figures rise at least 2.4 percent, including Texas, Oregon, New Hampshire, Florida, Arkansas and Utah.

During the past calendar year, Texas has seen the biggest jump in employment, with 293,400 jobs added in that time. As NBC News' Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate reported, the state relied on the hospitality and leisure sector for its most recent job growth, with that industry accounting for 7,000 of the state's 19,600 positions added during July 2017. Finance was close behind, with 5,200 jobs gained, while trade and transportation added 3,000 jobs. 

U.S. economy in reasonable shape on state-by-state basis