U.S. restaurant industry job growth reaches highest mark in nearly two decades

The U.S. restaurant industry hit a milestone last year as establishments saw their profits rise significantly. According to the National Restaurant Association, the industry added jobs at a 3.4 percent rate in 2012 - its strongest increase in 17 years. 

Restaurants took advantage of the economy's recovery from the recession of the late 2000s by hiring more workers last year, and the trend could continue in 2013. This industry doubled the rate at which it added employees between 2011 and 2012, and experts project gains for the segment this year.

In Missouri, many restaurateurs could watch their profits dramatically increase in the next 12 months. The St. Louis Business Journal notes that industry analysts expect this segment to top $9 billion in total sales this year, which could lead more employers to add to their staffs. 

Establishments will look to distinguish themselves from the competition by providing quality menu items and various promotions, but trained, skilled work teams could bring out the best in these restaurants. If restaurateurs hire more bakers, chefs and other culinary professionals, these employees may help the restaurant industry expand. 

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