Washington law allows preference when hiring veterans

In a move that could have a serious impact on the security industry, the state of Washington recently passed a law that will allow private employers to give preference to military veterans and widows and widowers of veterans when hiring.

Governor Chris Gregoire signed HB 1432 into law, making it so that such people can be given preference without violating federal or state anti-discrimination laws, according to the Seattle Times. Public employers were already allowed to give preference to veterans.

"We wanted to make sure we had a way to honor our women and men in uniform upon returning from overseas and this really is a pathway for their reintegration back into society through employment," state Representative Jay Rodne, the bill's lead sponsor, told the news source.

Many veterans can help in the law enforcement field and in the security industry as the experiences they acquired in the service can help in such sectors.

Washington isn't the only state where employment is shifting in the law enforcement and security fields as the New Castle County Police Department in Delaware is seeking 16 recruits to join its next academy class.