7 of the Best Freelance, Part-Time and Consulting Jobs for College Grads


By Terri Williams

For many reasons, some college graduates may not be willing or able to work on a full-time, permanent basis. In fact, according to some estimates, there are close to 10 million workers in the “gig” economy. But some jobs are more conducive to freelance, consulting or part-time work than others—and also pay much more than the median average hourly wage.

A recent CareerCast report reveals some of the best jobs in this category, along with the median hourly wage for each position. (Since GoodCall is geared toward college students and their parents, we are only listing the jobs that typically require a degree.)

So what’s fueling the rise in freelance, consulting and part-time jobs? Matthew Vaccaro, practice lead for Ace Talent Curators in Miami, points toward three factors: IT innovations, a tighter job market and costs, and millennials in the workforce.

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