Community Bank CEO Wanted - Only Exceptional Candidates Need Apply

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By Carll Wilkinson

While Brian Moynihan and Jaime Dimon might disagree, I contend that community bank CEOs have the hardest job in the industry.  The persisistently difficult interest rate environment, the pace of dynamic technological change, the unlimited competition created by online and mobile access and the frustrating, expensive and demoralizing smother of excessive regulation, all without the resources and economies of scale available to larger institutions, have created an operating environment that requires comunity bank CEOs to be better than ever before.  Retirements are expected to accelerate over the next five years.  The average age of community bank CEOs hovers at about 60 nationally, and boards will be expected to identify candidates with the right skill set, vision and temperament to compete in the new normal environment.  What to look for?


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