How to Hire Top Talent in Today's Environment

North American Builders (1)

By Brian Binke & Katie Dragicevic

The construction workforce is aging at an alarming rate. Organizations in the marketplace and particularly in your niche, want and need young talent to spur growth.  The question becomes, how do you make them want you back? Professionals in the construction industry are highly educated and more in demand than ever.  In today's candiate-driven market, prospective hires want, and have come to expect, to be courted in a fashion similar to athletes being recruited by top sports teams.

A company may offer the best training, unparallelled benefits or financial stability, however, unless candidates fully understand the opportunity, it's immaterial.  For example:

  • What makes your companty special?
  • What makes your firm different or superior to the competition?
  • Do you know what attracts top talent?

The best way to attract construction professionals is by starting with your current employees.  By gaining a full understanding of what your best employees like and dislike about your company, you will develop a more realistic perspective of both your firm's strengths and weaknesses from the vantage point of the candidates you are looking to hire.  Once you have determined the best qualitites your firm possesses, you can use them to market nad brand your company as a top place to work.  Even consider entering your firm in a local, statewide or nationwide "Best places to work" competition.

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