Philadelphia Recruiting Executive Stays On Top Of Healthcare Changes

CBS Philly

by Christina Thompson

Ed Mamrak is the managing partner of a thriving healthcare recruitment practice called PrincetonOne in Philadelphia, which is an affiliate of MRINetwork. Ed studied business administration and management at Kutztown University, where he earned his Bachelor of Applied Arts degree.

(Photo Courtesy of Ed Mamrak)

Can you describe your duties as a managing partner of a search firm that delivers recruitment solutions/services to the healthcare industry?

“I have surrounded myself with very strong industry and functional search specialists in our firm. I partner with each when taking an executive search. I work with existing and prospective new healthcare (and other industry) clients, letting them know that the specialists will be leading the sourcing and that they have deep relationships in the specific functional area of need. Once selected, we have an intake call with the hiring executive and any HR or talent acquisition team members to fully understand the organization, the open role, any specific challenges and to determine the competencies needed to succeed in the role. I attend all future client check-in calls and do the final interviews, usually face-to-face, prior to presenting a final slate to our client. I am also involved ongoing as we move through the client vetting process and will work with both the client and candidate through the offer and on-boarding process.”

How has education prepared you for your career in healthcare recruitment?

“There is no direct connection between my formal education and healthcare recruiting. I was a business major which led me into an initial career in sales, then sales management. I then became a regional vice president at a national staffing company before entering into the executive search business in 2001. My entry into healthcare recruitment was driven from deep relationships built with HR and business leaders that moved from other industries into healthcare.”


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