Ten Interview Questions to Ask for the Best Medical Staff

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By JoAnna Haugen

Though physicians provide the services for which patients visit a medical clinic, support staff members managing logistics for the front and back of the house are the ones keeping the practice running on a day-to-day basis so that patients receive the highest quality care.Building the best support staff for a medical practice is no easy feat. Staff members need to have the right mix of hard and soft skills to care for patients' needs and efficiently complete their work tasks while fitting in well with the overriding company culture. Hiring managers need to work hard to find people with the perfect balance of professionalism and personality, tenacity and tenderness, plus energy and empathy.Hiring the perfect selection of people who are enthusiastic and committed to the practice's mission and vision can build a support staff structure that will be in place for many years to come.Here are some of the best questions to ask to do just that. 

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