Work Roles For Robots


Picture a factory worker who does exactly what he's told, never makes a mistake and doesn't need to take a lunch break.


Does it sound more like a robot than a person? It is.


Robots - some that even look faintly human - are becoming indispensable workers in manufacturing as they become cheaper, faster, lighter, easier to program and are designed to operate safely side by side with humans.


"I saw one at Fabtech where they were actually programming the robot by moving it by hand," says Randy Vosberg, senior vice president of recruitment at PointOne Recruiting Solutions (Racine, WI), an affiliate of executive recruitment com­pany MRINetwork, of his experience at the world's largest metal manufacturing trade event held in November in Chicago.


"I was shocked at the amount of robots that were at the show. They were spraying coatings or painting, welding, performing pick-and-place, there was even a robot who was golfing."


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