Recruiting Pioneers.


Management Recruiters International, Inc. is founded in response to a growing but largely unmet demand in the business world:  Search and recruitment services to provide mid-to-upper level managers, executives and professionals. Soon MRI decides to replicate its business model ahead of new competition through franchising and by 1968 MRI goes public.


MRI launches an entirely new concept to the staffing industry - employer-paid fees, followed by another startling innovation - contingency search, which meant that clients paid fees only if their search was successfully completed. In 1972, Philadelphia-based CDI Corp.(NYSE:CDI) aquired all outstanding shares of MRI to make it an fully owned subsidiary.


International expansion follows with the realization that the MRI model works equally well in other countries and cultures. Key account selling broadened the business from one-at- a-time searches to multiple searches across functions and departments within a client company.


MRI continues to refine, redesign and adapt in response to changing needs in the marketplace with increasing technological advancement, including proprietary recruitment software and industry-specific candidate databases. The introduction of Client Services allowed MRI to provide comprehensive staffing solutions for their client companies.


In 2005, the name is changed to MRINetwork to reflect the critical importance of the community of offices that comprise the organization and its ongoing domination of its marketplace.

The ability to reinvent itself is the chief reason that MRI continues to thrive and grow when many companies that tried to imitate its success have failed. The same strong entrepreneurial spirit that led to MRINetwork's creation and growth is still much in evidence today as it remains one of the world's largest search and recruitment organizations.