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Texas breaks job growth record

November 24, 2014

Texas has broken the record for annual job growth.

New York state sees lowest unemployment rate in six years

November 21, 2014

New numbers from the New York State Department of Labor show that the area has been doing very well this year in terms of job growth.

Georgia anticipates 71,000 new jobs in 2015

November 20, 2014

Recent numbers revealed that the Southern state should expect to see the addition of 71,000 jobs next year.

Aviation and automotive jobs grow in Ohio

November 20, 2014

According to a recent report from the University of Cincinnati Economics Center, the two industries leading job growth in Ohio are the automotive and aerospace and aviation fields.

Advances in health care prompt new job creation

November 19, 2014

A recent survey of the medical care industry revealed that as advances are being made in medicine and health care management and organization, a variety of new jobs have appeared.

Alternative finance: Britain's fastest growing field

November 18, 2014

Britain's alternative finance sector has experienced unparalleled growth within the past year.

Maryland's craft beer industry takes off

November 18, 2014

While Maryland currently ranks 37th in the nation in terms of the number of craft breweries per capita, industry professionals do not see this potential-filled state remaining in the bottom half for long.

White-collar job opportunities grow throughout Asia

November 17, 2014

There has been a 20 percent increase in postings for available white-collar positions throughout Asia.

Louisville has job opportunities for Kentuckians

November 14, 2014

The Louisville area has the most available jobs and lowest unemployment rate it has seen since the recession.

Agriculture booms in Manitoba, other sectors continue to grow

November 13, 2014

Manitoba's agricultural industry has long been a source of jobs and money for the region. While the sector remains on top, other industries in the area are experiencing growth as well.