Buffet buys aerospace parts company, may boost industry

August 10, 2015

Businessman Warren Buffett just invested a large sum of his money in the aerospace industry.

Ontario becomes center of aviation employment

July 7, 2015

Ontario, a region that has always been relevant in the aerospace community, plans to invest $1.25 million in the Aerospace Assembler Program.

Job cuts decrease for the U.S. oil industry

June 8, 2015

Falling oil prices have been behind numerous layoffs to industry workers, but these job cuts have been showing signs of slowing down.

Business travel fuels Canada's economy

May 12, 2015

As more people head to the Great White North for professional engagements, business travel is becoming an increasingly significant player in the Canadian economy.

Ontario will receive 1,200 new auto industry jobs

January 12, 2015

Despite Canada's slow employment growth in recent months, Ontario's auto industry is looking toward a brighter future.

Nashville named one of the country's hottest cities

November 26, 2014

Nashville, Tennessee, was recently named one of Business Insider's "15 Hottest U.S. Cities."

East Germany continues to improve unemployment

November 25, 2014

East Germany's once struggling cities are being revitalized through newly expanding industries.

Aviation and automotive jobs grow in Ohio

November 20, 2014

According to a recent report from the University of Cincinnati Economics Center, the two industries leading job growth in Ohio are the automotive and aerospace and aviation fields.

General Motors adding 750-person production shift in Missouri

September 17, 2014

Expanding production at a car plant in Wentzville, Missouri, could lead to a wealth of new jobs.

Tesla's Gigafactory could create thousands of jobs in Nevada

September 10, 2014

After months of competition and planning, electric car maker Tesla has finally chosen the site of the massive plant it's calling the Gigafactory. Once finished, the facility would cover 5 million square feet and could create nearly 10,000 temporary and permanent jobs and support thousands more.