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Hey there!  Welcome to our Microsite Example.  If you found this site by accident, please be aware that it is a technical example only.  The office and the people on it are not real.  The whole site is meant to demonstrate the capability of a Microsite Service MRINetwork makes available for interested franchise offices.  

This section here is editable by office.  So any office could easily change their intro statement here.  

Every day we help our clients locate and place Impact Players, that 20% of the available workforce that make 80% of the impact on your business. They bring more than skill, they bring energy and passion, and their effort doesn't end just because the day has. As part of MRINetwork, we are affiliated with one of the world’s largest recruitment and placement organizations, with nearly 400 offices spanning four continents. Our Accelerated Recruitment™ approach brings together the right combination of scale, expertise, and methodology to match each client’s specific needs.

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