Check out our culture gallery below to learn why we often refer to our membership community as a family. MRINetwork® is a place to grow, profit, and thrive – as people & professionals!



Multiple times per year, MRINetwork members gather at our various workshops and conventions to share ideas, strengthen relationships, and foster pride within the organization.

Pacesetter Rewards Convention

Check out the amazing experience shared by MRINetwork's top performers at Pacesetter 2019 – in beautiful Costa Rica!

Hear from our top award winners as they give their acceptance speeches!

View the Network's best of the best in our yearly MRINetwork Awards Book!

Global Conference

MRINetwork 2018 Global Conference attendees participated in a 1920s-themed offsite event.



During our 50+ years in operation, we have been fortunate to have many exceptional people become part of our organization. The MRINetwork Lifetime Achievement Award was created in 2014 to recognize the exemplary contributions of these people who, during the course of their careers, have unselfishly contributed their time and energy for the betterment of the MRINetwork community through their leadership, professionalism and integrity.

2019 Lifetime Achievement Honorees

Mark Angott (Angott Search Group), Sandra Hill (The Hill Group), Nancy Halverson (MRINetwork Corporate)


This award is given to the single MRINetwork member who has made the greatest contribution to the MRINetwork organization during the preceding year, a contribution that was truly exemplary, worthy of our recognition, gratitude and respect.

2018 "Person of the Year" Honoree

Scott Petersen (PointOne Recruiting Solutions)

Distinguished Past Award Winners

2018 Scott Petersen, CSM® PointOne Recruiting Solutions
2017 Dannie Newell  The Newell Group
2016 Chris Heinz, CSM® Westport One
2015 Dave Campeas  PrincetonOne
2014 Jim Malfetti MR Union County, NJ
2013 Sherri Seagroves, CSM® MR Person County, NC
2012 Al Clark, CSM® MR Chattanooga-Brainerd, TN
2011 Bob Bradley The Photonics Group, NC
2010 Jeff Heath MR Manhattan at Madison Ave., NY 
2009 Vince Holt, CSM® MR Mercer Island, WA
2008 Larry Scofield Bayside Search Group, FL
2007 Pete Isenberg, CSM® Manta Resources, Inc., IN
2006 Jack Downing, CSM® WorldBridge Partners Chicago, IL
2005 Jeff Noble MR Dayton, OH
2004 Samuel Goicoechea MR San Antonio, TX
2003 Frank Black MR Washington, DC
2002 Tony Wolters MR Tulsa, OK
2001 Bill Kuntz SC Indianapolis Central, IN
2000 Bob Lineback MR Dallas, TX
1999 Mark Rednick SC Dallas/Houston, TX
1997 Gary Miller SC Oak Brook, IL
1996 Mitch Oakley MR Greensboro, NC
1995 Larry Engelgau MR Portland, OR
1994 Allen Salikof MR Cherry Hill, PA


With over fifty years of operation behind us, we credit our nearly 400 offices and their teams with our longevity and success, particularly those who demonstrate their commitment through their long years of service. Our Ring of Honor program, recognizing tenured offices and individuals, assures our clients and candidates that we stand for service and quality and that our time-tested professionals have the experience and knowledge to meet their needs.

Our program includes both internal and public recognition for offices and individuals who have been in the business for 10, 15, 20, and 25 years with special awards and acknowledgement of their achievements at our global and regional meetings.


The MRINetwork Charitable Foundation was founded in 2007 by a dedicated group of MRINetwork franchise owners as a vehicle for the MRINetwork community to assist children in need. The Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization and has raised funds through golf tournaments, auctions, celebrity guests and participating in 5k and half-marathons.

While the main beneficiary is Shriners Hospital for Children, the Foundation also created the MRINetwork Disaster Relief Fund to assist those in the Network that experience significant financial setbacks due to natural disasters. The Foundation has also made significant donations to other charities, such as Duke Children's Hospital and Hunter's Hope Foundation founded by Jim and Jill Kelly.

To learn more about the MRINetwork Foundation and to see how you can help, please click here.