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Businesses hiring cybersecurity staff in droves

Consumers and employers have made successful inroads in the ongoing struggle with hackers, leveraging a combination of awareness, word of mouth and smarter internet surfing practices. However, scammers and identity thieves continue to refine their duplicitous tactics, prompting several major corporations to recruit people ready and willing to employ the proper defenses – whether they have cybersecurity […]

Spotlight on China: Decelerating Growth but Still Growing

While most of the world expects to be walking a tightrope between GDP growth and contraction over the next year, Mainland China is expecting 8 per cent growth in 2012. Many business leaders in the West have looked at the dichotomy between anemic local markets and that of China, and tried to tap into that […]

Computer and technology industry sees increase in hiring

Even though the jobless rate in the San Jose metro area increased slightly in March, Silicon Valley companies are continuing to hire technology workers. The California Employment Development Department reported that the unemployment rate in the region was 10.6 percent in March, reports the San Jose Mercury News. Despite the increase in the rate of […]