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Businesses hiring cybersecurity staff in droves

Consumers and employers have made successful inroads in the ongoing struggle with hackers, leveraging a combination of awareness, word of mouth and smarter internet surfing practices. However, scammers and identity thieves continue to refine their duplicitous tactics, prompting several major corporations to recruit people ready and willing to employ the proper defenses – whether they have cybersecurity […]

Software developer ranks as No. 1 job for 2018

For the first time in three years, a role in healthcare did not take the No. 1 spot in the annual best jobs report complied by U.S. News & World Report. Instead, the acclaim went to the technology industry. Drawing on data for pay, career potential, work-life balance and additional factors that contribute to a good […]

Latin America embraces digital payroll systems

A growing number of Latin American companies are adopting digital payroll and invoice processing systems. A Global Market Report recently published by Billentis estimated that 42 billion bills and invoices will be digitally distributed and archived in 2015. Some 25 billion of these will be processed in Latin America, according to TMF Group. In addition to simplifying […]

Women make strides in Indian IT employment

While the technology sector has long been dominated by men with degrees in computer science and engineering, there are some signs that women are making significant progress. This is especially true in India, where many of the leading technology firms have set up shop to save money on salaries. The Economic Times reports that during […]

Internet age brings new employment opportunities

According to one recent report, the internet is quickly becoming a dominant force when it comes to hiring opportunities. In the recently released Global Online Employment report, Elance revealed that demand for online positions was increasing at a faster rate than that of traditional jobs. The study found that during its second quarter there were […]

Social media growth means more jobs

Technology firms have long been the source of employment for those with the right computer skills. In more recent years, social media platforms have become one of the fastest-growing sectors, with many qualified applicants finding solid career opportunities. One of the most popular social media management platforms these days is Hootsuite, which is in the […]

Social media networking giant Facebook set to hire thousands of new workers in Big Apple

The popular social networking website Facebook announced it is about to embark on a hiring blitz in New York City. Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s vice president of engineering, said the company expects to hire thousands of development engineers at its new office in Manhattan, as the company prepares to go public. “Operating at such a large […]