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BLS Employment Situation Report: September 2020

The U.S. economy added 661,000 non-farm jobs in September, below the 800,000 job growth expected by economists surveyed by Dow Jones. While millions remain unemployed, September’s activity means that approximately 12 million jobs have been recovered since the mid-March economic shutdown that saw about 22 million layoffs. September marks the first month since April that […]

Global Talent Update – September 2020

Global Talent Update

“This is a good time to recall the words of naturalist Charles Darwin that ‘it is not the strongest of the species that will survive, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.’ Today’s resilient leaders strive to navigate uncertainty, promote flexibility and shift organizational priorities in […]

BLS Employment Situation Report: August 2020

Showing signs that the U.S. economy is settling in for a slow and steady recovery after a three month stretch of a rapid rebound, the U.S. economy added 1.4 million non-farm jobs in August and unemployment fell to 8.4 percent in U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data reported today. The job growth slightly exceeded […]

Global Talent Update – August 2020

“Companies around the world are acknowledging that work is not where we go, it’s what we do. Where and when work gets done will be determined by what makes the most sense to drive the highest levels of productivity and engagement. This has important implications for the new world of work, ranging from issues such […]

New Programs are Popping Up That Invite Workers to Settle Abroad and Work Remotely

A handful of small territories and nations around the globe, after successfully managing the first wave of coronavirus, are now launching year-long remote worker visas in hopes of cushioning battered economies with an influx of monied foreigners, according to the BBC. These new visa schemes posit a version 2.0 of the “digital nomad” lifestyle – […]

Euro Zone Economic Outlook Steady but Job Recovery at High Risk: Reuters Poll

A full bounceback from the euro zone’s deepest recession on record will take two years or more, according to a Reuters poll of economists who also said there is a high risk the job recovery underway reverses by the end of 2020. Europe was badly hit earlier this year by the coronavirus pandemic, but stringent […]

BLS Employment Situation Report: July 2020

Despite recent COVID-19 spikes the U.S. economy added 1.8 million jobs and unemployment fell to 10.2 percent providing support to the optimism reflected in the continued financial market rally. Economist forecasts had anticipated a weaker rebound with an addition of about 1.4 million jobs. Instead the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported stronger recovery […]

Robot Built for Japan’s Aging Workforce Finds COVID-19 Role

Mira Robotics developed its Ugo robot to reinforce greying Japan’s shrinking workforce, but as the coronavirus threat persists, the Japanese start-up is offering its machine as a tool in the fight against the outbreak, reported Channel News Asia. “The coronavirus has created a need for robots because they can reduce direct contact between people,” CEO […]

Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Being Tested in Brazil

Scientists at the University of Oxford in the UK announced, through a statement from its production partner AstraZeneca and also in a report published in The Lancet that, according to preliminary results, the university’s vaccine for COVID-19 is safe and induced an immune response, reported by LABS (Latin America Business Stories). The third phase of testing is taking […]

Global Talent Update – July 2020

“The return after the pandemic will be a gradual process. Some sectors are already rebounding, and others will take longer to modify or rebuild their operations. Organizations will need to move quickly to address remote and flex workforces, communication and corporate culture or else risk falling behind the competition. I think we will also see […]