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Building a Team with a DE&I Focus

Building a Team with a D&I Focus

By Bert Miller From an organizational perspective, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are about understanding, accepting, respecting, and encouraging what makes all of us unique. It’s about appreciating people’s different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints, and creating an environment where everyone can thrive.  Over the past two decades, a growing body of research has shown that […]

Onboarding Your First Remote Hire

Onboarding Your First Remote Hire

By Nancy Halverson Now that WFH has become the norm rather than the exception and many companies have moved to hiring new employees without ever meeting in person, the next step in adapting to the new World of Work is to build onboarding practices that can accommodate new hires starting from a home office.  Employee […]

Financial Planning in an Unusual Year

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Financial planning has never been a particularly easy task for companies, but the pandemic has made it even more difficult. Those charged with creating viable budgets are used to accuracy, consistency, and fairly predictable planning cycles — not the uncertainty their organizations are living with today. “The five-year plan is no longer relevant,” says Bert […]

Conducting Performance Reviews When Your Team is Remote

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Workplace dynamics have changed drastically over the last few months. From minimal personal interaction to increased reliance on communication technology, the word “office” has taken on a whole new meaning. As the year-end approaches, this leaves many companies wondering about the best way to conduct performance reviews. How can you evaluate your remote employees accurately, […]

Manage the Work, Not the People

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As millions of Americans now work remotely, managers unaccustomed to supervising employees from afar face new challenges in leading and evaluating their team’s performance. Traditional management styles prior to this new World of Work emphasized the need to manage employees effectively to get the best results. Today, however, the emphasis has shifted to managing the […]

How to Foster Positive Thinking Among Your Workforce

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In the years ahead, when the pandemic is long behind us, people will remember how their companies made them feel during this difficult time. As you lead your mostly remote team in our new World of Work, it’s important to ensure that they stay positive and have confidence that your primary concern is their welfare […]

Workplace Trends That Will Continue for Years to Come

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Disruptions to the World of Work were underway long before the pandemic accelerated the velocity of change. The vast majority of companies are now navigating different ways of approaching how they structure their workplace and workforce in this challenging environment. This journey is driven by two fundamental forces. First is the opportunity to adjust the […]

Preserving Company Culture in a Remote World of Work

For many businesses, working the “9-to-5” in a centralized office is a thing of the past – at least for the time being. Even when you and your people are able to physically return to your workplaces, you’ll most likely find that practices such as working remotely continue in some form. ”Adapting your company culture […]

The Changing World of Work – Learning from the Past

The last 24 months have turned the world of work on its axis as advances in technology empower both top employees and savvy employers to harness the proliferation of social platforms to develop attractive and compelling “brands.” Toss in the impact of COVID-19 on the employment market over the past five months and we have […]