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Global Talent Update – February 2021

Global Talent Update - February 2021

“As we dealt with various challenges over the past year, we rediscovered within ourselves greater depths of resolve and more creative problem-solving capabilities. Now we are starting to see the results of our agility, creativity, and optimism come to light as job markets trend upwards and our Network offices see promising results across major categories.” […]

Introducing the Hybrid Workforce Playbook

Introducing the Hybrid Workforce Playbook

By Joe Mullings When businesses first sent their teams home last spring, employees were stressed — about job security, about childcare, about collaborative projects, the list goes on. As the remote work reality wore on, however, many people started to get comfortable — even enamored — with its benefits. They appreciated the non-existent commutes, comfortable […]

BLS Employment Situation Report: January 2021

BLS Employment Summary for January 2021

Total nonfarm payroll employment improved slightly in January as robust gains in professional and business services were offset somewhat by declines in leisure and hospitality and in retail trade sectors. The January job gain of 49,000 was in-line with most analysts’ expectations and represented an improvement over the weak December Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) […]

Global Talent Update – January 2021

Global Talent Update – January 2021

“More than ever before, business leaders around the globe must demonstrate stability, optimism, and creative thinking in order to continue growing their people and their businesses. To guide our clients through the ever-evolving World of Work, we are committed to becoming their total talent access partners, embracing both permanent placement and contract staffing, so that […]

BLS Employment Situation Report: December 2020

BLS Employment Situation - December 2020

Total nonfarm payroll employment in December declined by 140,000 in December, well below the consensus forecast of a job gain of 45,000. Unemployment rate remained unchanged at 6.7 percent or 10.7 million unemployed persons. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) noted in today’s release that both unemployment measures are much lower than their April highs, […]

Global Talent Update – December 2020

Global Talent Update

“If they want to thrive in the new World of Work, resilient organizations will put a priority on identifying, attracting, and engaging people with the right skills and experience to achieve their goals. Their workforces will embrace many types of workers — permanent, interim, in-person, remote — and will engage partners anywhere in the world. […]

BLS Employment Situation Report: November 2020

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The U.S. economy added 245,000 non-farm jobs in November, below the 410,000-job growth forecast by economists. The unemployment rate edged down to 6.7 percent. While November is the seventh consecutive month of both job growth and unemployment rate improvement, the pace of that improvement has moderated reflecting the ongoing coronavirus and efforts to contain it. […]

Global Talent Update – November 2020

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“The new World of Work swept in sooner than expected, accelerated by COVID-19, creating an urgent need for resilient mindsets and innovative rethinking of strategies. The most impactful recovery plans will not just successfully return organizations to business as usual. Effective plans will ensure teams are safe, provide consistent communication, and clarify business focus, and […]

BLS Employment Situation Report: October 2020

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The U.S. economy added 638,000 non-farm jobs in October, above the 530,000-job growth expected by economists. The unemployment rate declined to 6.6 percent. October is the sixth consecutive month of both job growth and unemployment rate improvement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported notable job gains in leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, […]