Why a Career in Recruiting?

Freedom & Flexibility

Every day as a recruiter is different. In this results-oriented business, you have the autonomy to choose how you spend your time. While one day you may be screening candidates, the next you might be onsite with a client advising their talent retention strategy.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Many aspects of working as a recruiter prepare you for starting your own business. Plus, you’ll be working closely with MRINetwork business owners to see firsthand what it’s like to run your own search firm.

Exciting Competition

This can be a competitive field, but we channel it as a powerful motivator. On top of the earnings and personal rewards you receive, MRINetwork also organizes an exciting annual trip, Pacesetter, for the Network’s top earners.

Earning Potential

As a recruiter, you earn commission on top of your base salary. This means there are strong financial incentives for performance, and you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work and success.

Longevity & Demand

There will always be a need to help companies build high-performing teams — and to help individuals find their right next role. With the competition for talent increasing, and the demands of the workforce constantly changing, your expertise will be needed for years to come.

Meaningful Impact

As part of MRINetwork, you’ll be building businesses and changing lives every day. There is no more rewarding feeling than knowing you made a positive impact on someone’s life, whether you placed a key hire who will add value to an organization or you found a candidate her dream job.

We change people’s lives, and this business is life-changing for us, too. Join an MRINetwork office and discover your untapped potential.

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