Service Agreement Options


  • This is an “urgent” search and you want to be sure it is completed as soon as possible.
  • Until your search is complete yours is a priority in regard to our time and attention.
  • We extend a 45-day replacement guarantee to confirm qualifications.
  • Candidates sourced are “exclusive” to you.
  • Deposit includes a discounted fee & is deducted from final service fee.
  • We are “partners” in the search with both having a stake in the success of your hire.


  • This is a "less urgent" search need.
  • All the risk & investment is ours.
  • We extend a 30-day replacement guarantee to confirm qualifications.
  • You have no financial obligation to us unless you hire someone via our efforts.
  • Candidates identified and shared during this type search are “non-exclusive”.
  • We will be working hard on the search in conjunction with other searches.


For more detailed information regarding the above search options and the services we offer with each, let's connect to get the process started.