The Power of Our Network

We’ve already used a lot of words to describe the benefits of an MRINetwork® membership. Now, let’s look at the numbers

  • MRINetwork was named one of the top three providers of direct hire by Staffing Industry Analysts in its “Largest Direct Hire Firms in the United States” listing.

  • In 2018, ranked MRINetwork in the top tier of 250 executive search firms, defined as companies that place executives in positions with at least $100,000 in annual pay. 

  • Through our vendor discount program, MRINetwork offices save time and money!
    • Firms with 1-5 employees save an average of $52,000 per year.
    • Firms with 6-10 employees save an average of $150,000 per year.
    • Firms with 21-32 employees save an average of $170,000 per year.

  • Our Network programs drive productivity and increase employer retention! 
    • Average cash-in for Owner-2-Owner group members is up by 23% compared to last year.
    • Over 50% of our Certified Professional Programs members are tenured 10+ years. 

  • The valuation of MRI contract-staffing-focused firms can be five times greater than the valuation of comparably sized direct hire firms.



Tellis Executive Search

Former Purchasing Executive at a Global Aerospace Company

I managed supply chain teams and engineers and developed and negotiated multi-year, multi-million dollar deals with global Fortune 500 manufacturing companies. I was also very involved in supplier-diversity and enjoyed learning how people built their businesses and helped their communities through their business’ success.

I was burnt out from Corporate America. A friend who is a former mentee and owner of his own MRINetwork franchise contacted me when he heard I was looking for something new. He knew I was great at reading people and seeing their potential and encouraged me to join MRINetwork. I’m fortunate to have him now be one of my mentors.

I thrive on working with engineers and supply chain folks – it is my background and I am good at it. Now I get to direct these talents to my clients to help them find talent and help them grow. One of my first deals was with an aerospace client that had 50 jobs to fill and one year to do it. I was able to network with other MRI offices to fill these roles and built some great partnerships along the way. The client thought I was a miracle worker and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my MRI Strategic Business Executive and the Network.

The biggest value for me is that after 30 years of doing the same thing, I’m finally learning something new and I love it! I’m also a certified diverse supplier, so I can partner with my clients to help them meet their diversity goals. Now I get to manage my time, my energy, and be there for my family and my community in ways that I couldn’t do before. I have more passion about my work than I’ve had in decades.



Connector Team Recruiting

Former Retail Senior Executive

After 25 years working in corporate leadership roles, I founded my first boutique search firm in 1999 and sold it after 5 years. I re-entered corporate America as an executive. I soon realized that I missed the thrill of the search and helping clients and executives.

I made a serious decision to return to recruiting in 2012 and I was seeking a better way, as well as to work within a structured system. I turned to the MRINetwork franchise model because they offered an outstanding platform that included: training, ongoing support and low-cost vendor services. I also like the fact that I have the autonomy to control my own destiny.

MRINetwork provided the training and the platform to achieve my new business plan. One of the key differentiators in my view includes the level of openness and sharing of ideas amongst the owners and offices.

If you have the desire to learn and be successful, MRINetwork provides an outstanding platform for success.



Park Avenue Group

Former Bank Executive

I held various executive leadership roles in banking and went through multiple mergers and acquisitions. During the last one, I decided it was time to do something different.

I learned about MRINetwork through another owner. One of the attractions of an MRINetwork franchise was the way they set me up for success in a role that was completely new to me. I’d never been a business owner before. I didn’t know how to get a new business up and running. And I certainly didn’t know how to recruit. After all, I was a banker—not a recruiter.

I run at a fast pace, so within thirty days I had completed the discovery process and became an owner/entrepreneur. Then, I won "Rookie of the Year" my first year.

I've never looked back. It has been a great adventure – doing my own thing but not being alone while l am doing it. It’s the best choice I could ever have made.



Zenith Search Partners

Former Commercial Manager in the Chemical Industry

I worked in various technical, supply chain, and commercial roles in the petrochemical industry for almost twenty-five years. The companies I worked at spanned commodity and specialty chemicals.

I had seen first-hand the impacts of industry consolidation, recessions, and $45/bbl crude prices. A franchise owner talked to me about MRINetwork when I was in a sales role for an international chemical firm. I realized providing solutions and adding value to others was my real calling and chemical sales was but one means to that end. I decided to leverage my industry knowledge into recruiting – which was something I had never done before.

I joined MRI because they offer tremendous training, tools, and a group of recruiting firms that often feels more like a family than a network. I get the most value from (a) the investment MRI pours into its offices and (b) the camaraderie between owners. Even when I was an office of one, I never ever felt alone.

I used to travel 45 miles one-way to a sales office when I wasn’t on the road managing a multi-state territory. Now, I work about a mile from my home and can easily take my 5th grader to practices that start at 4:30 in the afternoon. My daughter has a drawer in my desk where she can keep her “work stuff,” and she visits me often so she sees what work really looks like. I think this is a valuable lesson for children today. And who knows… maybe she’ll take over the business someday!



SPAN Executive Group

Former Private Wealth Management Consultant

I sourced and managed affluent segment client portfolios and helped create long term plans for them to achieve their goals. Listening to them and finding creative solutions to all their needs was the best part of my job.

Being self-employed was a huge goal of mine. MRI hit all my checkmarks, such as working with professionals, doing meaningful work, and getting support to feel secure in an independent venture.

MRI has a great reputation. The training, Network support and feeling of ownership I’ve gained has been priceless. In taking this work seriously, learning about the recruiting industry first-hand has been so interesting.

MRINetwork has given me a new piece of my life puzzle. Being a fairly new owner, I look forward to the daily challenges, as well as the sense of pride.



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