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Carolina Plastics Recruiters

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Search and recruiting - permanent placement only.


Business owner had recently inherited the business after the passing of her father, who had founded it in 1999. While she had worked in the business for years, she hadn't had an enterprise view of the business prior to taking over, so every day came with new discoveries about the running of the firm. Further, the business's revenues had been flat in recent years and the team had experienced some turnover of key staff. Also, immediately prior to the engagement, the owner started the process of rebranding the firm to reflect its deep Plastics industry expertise, but had not developed a plan of how to leverage the new brand in the marketplace.

Approach to Drive Impact

MRI deployed a two-person team made up of an experienced strategy consultant (former McKinsey & Company consultant) and an expert in staffing and recruiting (20 years of experience addressing operational issues with search firms) to work with the business owner and her team. The team started by performing research on the business and its target markets prior to conducting an on-site visit. During the one-day visit, the team used a structured approach to learn as much about the current state and understand the owner's vision for where she saw her business moving in the future.

Following the visit, the team used what it learned to develop a comprehensive formal presentation that included observations about the business, strategic recommendations to drive growth in revenues and profits, and supplemental business insights. The recommendations covered a range of topics, including operational practices, marketing, organizational strategy, talent management, and business development.


After reviewing the deliverable presentation, the business owner prioritized three strategic recommendations for implementation and the MRI team conducted a follow-on service to develop detailed execution plans for each prioritized recommendation. This process involved significant coordination of stakeholders within MRI and truly represented bringing the best of MRI to support the client. Upon completion of the plan, MRI partnered with the client to provide hands-on tactical execution support across multiple functional areas to ensure that the business would have the best chance to move the needle based on the recommended activities.

Client Testimonial

”How I looked at my business before [MRI’s consultants] came to visit, I was honestly overwhelmed. I was very concerned that [they] wanted to analyze my business, but they wanted to offer me support.

I felt like I was on the right path and I knew where I wanted the business to be, but I was unsure of how to get there. This resulted in me cancelling their visit three times. I just did not want them to see my business. It is very, very intimidating.

For the actual visit, they spent an entire day with us. They observed and met with our team members individually at their desks. Then they met with us as a group and asked a lot of great questions. And, they listened. They listened and observed. What followed was a 40-page report that really dug down into my business … Some of it is theory, but the majority of it is this is what we see,’ ‘this is where you can go, and this is how we can help. And then [two other team members] called me and said ‘Alright, now here’s how we’re going to implement this.‘ What was so great about the implementation was that it listed each of the tasks that was going to be implemented, who on the Corporate team was responsible for assisting me with the plan, and then a targeted date, which was wonderful.

I think the benefit of working with [the MRI team] is that they bring so much knowledge to the table because they are talking to [many search and recruiting businesses] and then they can bring that to me and say ‘This is what’s working.’ It is very intimidating to have an outsider come and look at your business. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but that’s how I grow. What was great was that I got personal attention from someone that knows my business and then someone who actually saw my business for the first time, so it was a fresh look but with an incredible background in business planning and strategy. Together, they developed a really great plan for me to grow this business. The good news is that I’m not in this alone. It has been an incredibly insightful tool for me.” 

Sherri Seagroves
President, Carolina Plastics Recruiters


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Magee Resource Group

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High-level IT contract staffing services


Magee Resource Group (MRG) is an MRINetwork member that has a long history of success in contract staffing (CS) and has consistently been a top 5 CS office within the organization. Part of this accomplishment can be attributed to the very tenured and experienced individuals that have led MSG’s CS team. Approximately six months ago, MRG restructured their CS division and the challenge was to make sure there was no interruption in CS sales or service delivery post restructure.


MRI Contract Staffing leadership worked with MRG owners to develop a transition plan to ensure regular communication with existing clients. A marketing plan was also developed to target new clients and new contacts within existing customers. A weekly sales funnel review call was implemented with MRG leadership and with the new CS division account manager.  The AM had been the recruiter who filled many of the CS requisitions, but he had never been in a customer facing, business development role. The review calls are still in process and include a deep dive on the business development activity from the prior week, the results, any required follow-up and what the focus will be for the next week. We try to keep it as specific and actionable as possible. 


Magee Resource Group is the #2 CS office in the entire Network. They have increased their average monthly revenue by 24% in the last 6 months. The CS account manager has done a phenomenal job expanding business with key clients and breaking into new accounts. The weekly calls are beneficial to all parties to make sure we are keeping our focus on business development. 

Client Testimonial

MRI Contract Staffing has been instrumental in the growth of our contract staffing division. The back office support and forward-thinking partnership has allowed our team to focus on new and existing client development.”

Christian Burney
Managing Director, Magee Resource Group

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