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Bert Miller on What We Have Learned from Telework on

Bert Miller chimes in on Telework: What have we learned? The COVID-19 pandemic has created a forced remote working environment that is bringing its own lessons, challenges and opportunities. Jeff Zbar, Business & Social Trend Journalist, Corporate Copywriter and Home Office Blogger gathered thought leaders opinions on lessons learned during the weeks of remote working.  Bert […]

Take Your Personalized Marketing One Step Further to Increase Customer Loyalty: 13 Expert Tips

Personalized marketing makes consumers feel unique and vital. For a business, this could establish a strong bond that will encourage the consumer to buy from their brand again. However, for too many companies, customization efforts typically stop at merely including the name of the customer in an email to them. View full article here on […]

As the Role of HR Evolves, Adding a Chief of Staff Can Be a Smart Move

By Richard Ledesma The role of HR has undergone major shifts over the last few decades, and in recent years the function has taken leadership of employee-focused business strategies that drive greater job satisfaction and retention. Today, we are seeing yet another shift as HR technology provides greater insight and measurement around talent management capabilities, […]

Going Even Further in Business with Bert Miller Founder and Owner of MRINetwork and Protis Global

Born and raised on a farm in northern Indiana, Bert Miller raised himself up through the brands of E. & J. Gallo and Revlon, to then start Protis Global and recently acquired Management Recruiters International Inc. An athlete all his life, from baseball to football, and now mind-numbing, soul-building marathons, Bert takes the competition, the drive, the […]