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Bert Miller on 5 Ways To Identify and Retain Top Talent

“As a recruiter, it’s easy to feel like the job is transactional,” Bert Miller, President and CEO of MRINetwork shared to Authority Magazine earlier this month. “Find a candidate, fill an opening. But most recruiters have a defining moment when they realize that people’s jobs are one of the most impactful elements of their lives. […]

Bert Miller on the Remote Work Productivity Debate

It may seem hard to believe, but it’s been nearly a year since millions of Americans swiftly transitioned from in-office work to remote work. Between the logistical challenges of setting up multiple remote offices for individual teams, the difficulty of providing close supervision, and the lack of opportunities for traditional team meetings, a huge concern […]

Joe Mullings on Why You Should Upskill Your Workforce

Recruiting is no longer just about finding people with specific hard skills; now it is also about finding people with the right interpersonal skills because today’s workforces are predominantly remote. People need to communicate and lead better than they did in the on-site work days for everyone to stay productive. Joe Mullings, Chief Vision Officer […]

Bert Miller on “White Glove” Hiring in the Age of COVID

There have been many recessions and even a few depressions during the history of the US economy, but never have we seen an event disrupt the workforce quite like the Covid-19 pandemic. Tens of millions of employees moved their workplaces from traditional offices to their homes virtually overnight — and the professional staffing industry had […]

Bert Miller Weighs in on How to Support an Unemployed Partner

After a global pandemic that has left millions of people unemployed and eager for work, you may find yourself carrying the brunt of the financial responsibilities in your relationship. When your partner is laid off, furloughed, or otherwise unable to bring in an income, it’s bound to cause stress — and at times — tension […]

Bert Miller in Forbes on Redefining the Independent Contractor Model

The big story about the United States’ workforce this year was the rise of remote working. Tens of millions of American employees defied skeptics and showed the world that, yes, they could be productive and be at home. Underneath the surface, there’s an even more important employment story that emerged this year: the rise of […]

Bert Miller Shares 5 Workplace Predictions for 2021

The remote working trend, which gained steam in response to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, is undoubtedly here to stay. But what else should business leaders be anticipating as we leave 2020 behind us? Remote work isn’t the only notable change to our workforce inspired by this year’s social distancing mandates, travel restrictions, and stay-at-home […]

Bert Miller on How to Create a “White Glove” Hiring Experience

In today’s job market, it might seem like the advantage rests squarely with employers, what with record numbers of unemployment. But that’s not necessarily true. Superstar players in your industry will always be in high demand — their standards and expectations are only increasing thanks to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. To recruit the […]

Jessica Hollander-Torres on How to Boost Participation and Engagement in Remote Events

This spring, organizations around the world were forced to move tradeshows, conferences, retreats, and other networking events online — sometimes overnight. Coming off the success of MRI’s United 2020 Conference, VP Marketing Jessica Hollander-Torres shared advice with Forbes on how to avoid sacrificing engagement when your event moves online. When it comes to planning remote […]