To Whom It May Concern, 

With great pleasure that I recommend Siter-Neubauer & Associates. I have known Les Siter and Don Neubauer for 14 years, and they have always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and professionalism.

In 2005, in my role as Vice President of Human Resources for Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth, I contacted Siter-Neubauer & Associates to recruit an experienced Nurse Recruiter. The task was particularly difficult because of required specific qualifications in the candidate's background and experience. However, within a few weeks, the firm had located a candidate that met all of my requirements. I promptly interviewed and hired her.

I would willingly use the services of Siter-Neubauer & Associates again, and I know that they would be an asset to a government contract I am happy to give my wholehearted endorsement.

Executive Director Human Resources
Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth

To Whom It May Concern,

Kansas Rehabilitation Hospital (KRH) contracted With Siter-Neubauer & Associates (SNA) for recruiting services They are assisting us by searching for a director of pharmacy, chief nursing officer, physical therapists, occupational therapists, staff pharmacist, and registered nurses My contact is Edward Milton and have also worked with Robert Perry.

One of the reasons I like working With Siter-Neubauer & Associates is that they thoroughly investigate the organization, its culture, why the incumbent is leaving or let the strategic plan and other aspects of the open position. This investigation helps SNA and KRH carefully match the candidate's attributes with the organization's needs Skills can be tested and verified, but attitudes, personality, and other important characteristics are equally important.

I first worked with Edward Milton when I consulted With an engineering firm seeking structural architectural engineers, mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineers, survey managers, and map and data technicians, supervisors and managers Edward is always professional in his approach to searching and presenting candidates to me. He is meticulous about schedules and following up with both the candidates and KRH. He is also willing to adjust to our wants and needs. For example, he has a standard form with questions for reference checking. I asked him to change a couple of questions and add a few as well. He was more than willing to do that.
I prefer to treat the professional recruiting firms with whom I contract, as an extension of my HR office. SNA has always lived up to my standards of professionalism, appropriate attitude in all circumstances, and fair treatment of all parties involved in the search. I will work with SNA as long as they will continue to work with me.

Director of Human Resources
Kansas Rehabilitation Hospital

Dear Prospective Client:

Randy Maxcy, with Siter-Neubauer & Associates, has helped us with our recruitment of pharmacists. We have been very pleased with his performance. Randy has been very prompt, polite, and detail oriented. He keeps me updated on how a search is going and always does what he says he is going to do. Also, I have the feeling that he is representing us when dealing with complicated salary issues, and he goes out of his way to present all the details of our package. He has always been responsive and reliable.

In my experience, Randy and Siter-Neubauer & Associates have been a very good recruiting team to work with.

In-Patient Pharmacy Manager
Jefferson Regional Medical Center

To Whom It May Concern,

SITER- NEUBAUER & ASSOCIATES have assisted Community Hospice of Texas on two occasions to recruit executives. On both occasions the responsiveness of the company, in particular Mr. Siter, was remarkable and we would not hesitate to use the company again. I have been acquainted with both Mr. Siter and Mr. Neubauer since 1996 and have experienced nothing but professional behavior and exemplary follow up.

Chief Executive Officer
Community Hospice of Texas

We were recently contacted by Roz Taylor regarding a prospective loan officer who was seeking employment in this area. After a short discussion with our Senior Management, we decided there was an interest but we quickly realized his salary requirements did not fit our scale. I told Roz there were three other individuals in this area we might have an interest in but had not been able to recruit. Within an hour she had two of the three ready to talk and we hired our choice within 24 hours.

"Roz Taylor did an excellent job for us. The old saying "a rolling stone gathers no moss" fits her. There was no wasted time or effort, this was wrapped up promptly which allowed us to get back to business at hand. We appreciate the job she did and would recommend her highly to anyone in need of employees or employment.

Great Plains National Bank

Ryan Cox with Siter - Neubauer & Associates provided services relating to the hire of a programming professional for me. After an in-depth phone interview and review of the stated requirements of the position, Ryan was able to provide fully qualified candidates. During his screening process, he was able to provide resume's for the cream of the crop, the least of which was a very strong candidate. After evaluating approximately 50 resumes over a 2 month period from 4 separate firms, the first pick of Ryan was the individual who eventually hired and have been 100 percent happy with the choice will consider Ryan my first choice for recruiting and would recommend him fully to any person that was looking for a reference.

Vice President
Information Systems and Supply Chain
Aerospace Optics, Inc

I have several years' experience in dealing With executive search firms and have on occasion been exposed to firms that were not always trustworthy. However, having been introduced to Executive Search Consultants Siter-Neubauer & Associates, have received outstanding service from Edward Milton. We have a positive relationship built on trust and professionalism and we work closely together as strategic partners.

I can always count on Edward and the entire team at Siter-Neubauer lam convinced that quality customer service in the executive search industry is one the most important attributes and that is what I have found in Siter-Neubauer & Associates.

Director - Human Resources & Support Services
Building & Earth Sciences, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern,

It was my great pleasure and good fortune to have worked with Mr. Les Siter of SITER - NEUBAUER & ASSOCIATES during the past few months while in the process of pursuing a new executive position with a national healthcare entity. First of all, I feel it is a testament to his abilities as a successful and accomplished executive recruiter that such a large company engaged his services rather than recruited from within. And since starting my position, the company has praised his
stakeholders who work immensely.

During the process of obtaining this position, Mr. Siter was very thorough and meticulous in walking me through the process, the position, the company, the challenges ahead, and the best strategies to peek the companies interest in each subsequent interview. Not only was he instrumental in helping me obtain the initial interview, but was able to guide me through the stakeholders who would interview me and the best approach to anticipating and preparing for their questions. Even before the very first interview, and I had many, felt that knew the challenges of the company and was adequately prepared to impress them with my knowledge and preparation. This was my testament to Mr. Siter. Each step of the way, he helped me prepare, gave me additional confidence, and set the stage for a successful interview process. Above all, he was fair in his assessment in matching the skills of the candidate with the requirements of the company. His own interview and assessment of my skills set was very thorough and surely helped the company feel extremely comfortable in his candidates that he presented.

I would recommend Mr. Siter and his company in matters of recruitment and executive searching with the highest level of confidence and assurance that his professional services would be of the highest quality based on the business ethical principles of integrity and fairness. I cannot thank him enough for helping me attain the position I currently have.

If I may help In further convincing either a company or a candidate of Mr. Siter's excellence in his profession.

Thank you again, Mr. Siter, for your invaluable help.

Director of Practice Management
Kaiser Permanente / MAS Region