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The MRINetwork_

Join 250+ executive recruiting firms who are reinventing talent access solutions around the globe.

We teach people how to build search firms.

Our success is based upon 55+ years of innovation and fostering a trusted community. Since the beginning, we have led the search industry by developing proven frameworks for success, billing over $17B as a Network. Today, we have 250+ offices across five continents, with an executive leadership team that knows what it takes to build successful search firms because they have done so themselves.

We know the demands and expertise today’s competitive landscape requires. We will remain alongside you — supporting you and your team — as you take your search business to new heights.

The value you’re going to get in this Network is being able to see where the industry is going before other people get there. That speaks to data, analytics, automation — the industry’s changing — and MRI has been on the forefront of almost all of those changes since it was founded.

Racine, WI

Scott Petersen
PointOne Recruiting Solutions
Racine, WI

This is the greatest thing in the world because we are sharing ideas and you realize that, if anything, there are a lot of very intelligent people operating inside of the Network. That is the strength of having the Network. All of the partnerships we do… That’s the true power of MRINetwork. The real learning comes from sharing with each other — with people who have been there and done that… I couldn’t imagine being part of the Network and not having really solid relationships with other offices

Medina, OH

Mike Muczyk
Connor|Caitlin Talent Solutions
Medina, OH

You can pick up the phone, you can call an office, call corporate, you go to these regional meetings, you go to Pacesetter, you go to these national meetings… What was natural in this Network from the first day that I got here was that people were willing to share. I really learned a lot about how to do this business from listening, talking to, and observing these people at different trainings and different meetings — and I just really appreciated how willing all those people were to share.

Michael Bitar
Protis Global
Delray Beach, FL

The ability to partner and collaborate with other MRINetwork members means a lot to us and to our clients. The international capabilities of MRI brings an important added value to our clients. We can offer them a global reach with a local presence.

Alexander Steele
MRI Manserv AG
Wil, St. Gallen, Switzerland

A community that motivates and supports each other

Our members are engaged, disciplined, skilled, and innovative. When you join MRI, you become a part of our family, part of our Network.

Join the Network Because of the Network | Travis Miller

Support Through Each Stage of Business | Dannie Newell

MRI Support & Flexibility | Stacy Stevens

The Ability to Change Lives | Scott Petersen

The MRINetwork
Charitable Foundation_

Founded by a group of MRINetwork members in 2007

The MRINetwork Charitable Foundation is a registered non-profit designed to assist children and our community through challenging circumstances.

Despite the obstacles 2020 delivered, the MRINetwork Charitable Foundation was able to raise over $72,000 last year for the Shriners Hospital for Children, alongside a few other local causes. The MRINetwork Charitable Foundation also donated over $5,000 in personal protective equipment to Shriners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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