Our Specialization & Insight

We call them Impact Players...and we know WHO they are and WHERE to find them

The Brooke Group focuses its time and energy in the specialty areas of its principals' extensive experience and expertise: at the crossroads of higher education and healthcare.  We know and follow what's happening in the professions where we have the contacts.  With more than 30 years of executive, administrative, and research experience in a higher education setting on the one hand, and more than 25 years of experience in the administration of healthcare on the other, our specialty focus is well defined.  Over the last two decades, the principals of The Brooke Group have recruited and hired dozens of professionals in these and related fields for their own institutions/organizations and, now, for our recruitment partner institutions.

Our innovative and strategic recruiting services are designed specifically to integrate successfully with institutional search practices and processes, bringing together the right combination of expertise and methodology to match each client's specific needs.

The Brooke Group focuses on finding the best candidates - those who make the biggest difference - for the following positions:

Academic Medicine Leaders and Professionals

  • Institute/Cancer Center Director
  • Dean (Associate/Assistant)
  • Director (Associate/Assistant)
  • Division/Department/Departmental/Section Chair or Chief (Associate/Assistant)
  • Endowed/Named Chair
  • Endowed/Named Professorship

Research Leaders and Professionals (Tenure, Research, Clinical, and non-Tenure Track)

  • Director of Research (Associate/Assistant)
  • Program Lead (co-Lead)
  • Team Leader (Associate/Assistant)
  • Principal Investigator
  • Research Scientist (Associate/Assistant)
  • Scientist (Associate/Assistant)
  • Research Professor (Associate/Assistant)
  • Research Associate/Assistant
  • Physician Scientist
  • Clinical/Translational Investigator
  • Academic Investigator