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Training and upskilling for the recruitment firms of the future.

After 55+ years of leading the industry and its constant evolution, we know what works.

Onboarding new hires, accelerating your firm’s growth, and upskilling your team is a full-time job, on top of juggling the day-to-day challenges of running a business. That’s why we’re here.

We understand how today’s professionals learn and give them the tools they need to succeed, with interactive sessions that are targeted, effective, and current.

We want to see your rookies achieve a per desk average over six figures, motivate even your most experienced recruiters with new strategies and tactics, and help your firm keep pace with the demands of today’s market.

Core Bootcamp

Getting new team members up to speed and engaged in the world of recruiting is the most critical task faced by managers. Our Core onboarding suite gives your new hires the skills they need to create an efficient, revenue-generating recruiting desk. The Core Bootcamp provides a comprehensive overview of the industry, and our Accelerated Core program is a condensed, fast-paced program that covers the basics your new hires need to interact with clients and talent immediately, and prepares them to start making calls right away. Both programs are rich with interactive exercises, practice activities, and opportunities for feedback — a strong foundation for this next chapter in their careers.

Self-Paced Program

MRINetwork has packaged 55 years of recruitment learning into a vast library of content and live webinars, with a focus on the challenges facing today’s recruiters. We’ve made these resources available to your new hires through our Self-Paced training package, immediately positioning them to thrive in their careers. Covering every key topic they need to know — from sales tactics to client management — this content library is accessible on-demand, so your new hires can work through it on their own schedules and access the materials they need anytime.

Upskilling Opportunities

The demands of the workforce constantly change, and as recruitment leaders we need to keep pace. Whether it’s the art of storytelling for effortless business development, strategies for building a strong hiring brand, or tips to transition clients from contingency to retained search, our courses provide the latest insights and strategies to win business today. Participants engage in interactive sessions to practice new skills, and walk away with templates, scripts, key metrics, and more to put to use right away.

On-Demand eLearning

MRINetwork members get access to a vast library of on-demand eLearning resources for the recruitment industry, including interactive training webinars on topics to drive business growth. If you’re looking for support on sales, marketing, leadership training, internal hiring and talent management, or any other facet of the search business, we have up-to-date course materials designed to keep you and your team at the forefront of the industry.

Certified Professional Programs (CPP)

MRINetwork’s Certified Professionals are recognized industry-wide for their expertise, dedication, and commitment to the recruitment industry. There are several levels of certification, including CPP – Senior Account Manager, CPP – Leadership, CPP – Senior Project Coordinator, and CPP – Leadership and Senior Project Coordinator. Each requires knowledge and experience in industry, legal, and ethical practices and demonstrated excellence.

CPP Senior Account Manager
CPP - Senior Project Coordinator
CPP Leadership and Senior Project Coordinator

Customized Virtual Support

Select exactly the type of training and support your organization needs. We will work with you to bundle our advisory services into 60-minute packages to support a range of business needs, including business services, learning and talent development, and marketing.

We’ve trained over 52,000 recruiters and counting.

Whether it is help with scripts, time management, transitions within your office, or just general guidance, the MRI training team has always been able to step in and offer solutions. I have left every coaching session with them feeling more focused and with greater clarity to any problem I have faced on my desk.

Houston, TX

Molly Baize
Zenith Search Partners
Friendswood, TX

The MRI Core classes constantly reaffirm the material that is taught, by providing a tried-and-true method of recruiting. The fact that you can work with other offices to get feedback, understand struggles, and hear what some of the successful offices are doing in the classes really opens up new opportunities. One of the best things to hear is what other rookies are experiencing and knowing that you aren’t the only one out there. You can then take the experience of others, add them to your knowledge base, and grow more than a single individual normally could. The networking opportunity is what makes MRI the strongest and what brings absolute meaning to MRINetwork.

Naples, FL

Bill Crupi
Morrisey-Dart Group
Naples, FL

Coaching appointments with MRI have enabled me to secure a job order from an inactive client since 2007! The training team is better than a 5-star rating. They have the ability to see what you want to achieve and can help you translate how to get there.

Lori Carver
The Q Works Group
Fort Mill, SC

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