Moving Women up the Leadership Ladder

Moving Women up the Leadership Ladder

Several prominent business trends have the potential to boost women’s progress in the quest for equal opportunity in the workplace. Awareness of these trends can help women think through how they might leverage them to gain a solid footing in the organizations they serve and to advance their long-term career ambitions. 

Focus on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI).  DEI efforts will continue to gain attention from senior executives who will contribute abundant resources to advancing their DEI goals. Companies want higher ESG ratings, which measure a firm’s environmental, social and governance practices. Higher ESG ratings attract socially responsible investors and elevate companies’ stock value. DEI initiatives such as mentorship programs, proactive career-pathing, coaching and leadership development are increasingly available to guide women toward leadership roles.

Remote Work and Flexibility. The flexibility that remote work offers helps women get work done and balance family and personal needs. Remote work creates a level of privacy around how workers spend their time, which lowers instances where women’s needs may single them out.

Reduced Boundaries. Today’s workplace is full of open knowledge exchange and innovation. Leaders face converging challenges that include competition for top talent and economic uncertainty, and they are looking for big ideas that can positively shape their company’s future. They are opening lines of communication and building wider nets to collect diverse input and perspectives. Women have more opportunities than ever to take the lead in providing unique solutions.

Transparency about Salaries.  Equal pay initiatives and more information about compensation are helping women assign worth to their roles rather than accepting an inequitable valuation. They can now better negotiate fair and competitive pay for their current or potential job opportunities.

Need for Skilled AI Talent.  Organizations are increasingly adopting AI technologies to streamline processes and increase productivity. Women can make the most of the shift by upskilling and becoming proficient in AI competencies. Embracing the AI trend with a willingness to learn can fast-track women to more responsibility, influence and earnings. 

Capitalizing on these trends can be instrumental in advancing long-standing women’s interests and result in more women in leadership positions with equal pay and a supportive community around them.