6 Reasons You Should Attend United Showcase 2021

6 Reasons You Should Attend United Showcase 2021
It’s that time of year — our annual United convention is coming up! United is going virtual once again, with an exciting lineup of sessions, panels, workshops, and more planned from June 7th to 11th, 2021. 

This year’s United is all about celebrating the amazing talent access professionals that make up our Network, from recruiters to managing partners. With United Showcase, we’re sharing the wealth of experience, skill, and knowledge that makes MRINetwork such a strong and supportive professional community. 

This year’s conference is going to be a little different — and there’s so much for attendees to look forward to. Here are just a few of the reasons you should attend the United Showcase 2021.

Flexible Learning 

We believe professional development should work around your career. That’s why we’ve pivoted United’s virtual format to fit into our members’ busy lives. Instead of asking attendees to set aside two full days for an all-or-nothing commitment, we’ve set up a variety of independent sessions throughout the work week, so you can choose the topics that most interest you — on your own schedule.

Fresh Perspectives

For this year’s event, we’re opening the floor to the voices of our members instead of having MRI Corporate lead each session. We’ll be featuring rising stars from within the Network who ranked highly in 2020, and impressed us with their unique strategies and remarkable results. Don’t miss your chance to hear their learnings, approaches, and perspectives. 

International Collaboration

United is all about the power of connection. Thanks to this year’s virtual format, you’ll be able to build connections with more Network members than ever before. 

All our sessions are designed to promote natural, collaborative conversations. Although we’ll prepare topics for every session, they won’t be scripted, pre-recorded, or lecture-based. Instead, casual panels, interviews, and Q&As will keep value and engagement high. Plus, all events with over 15 members will be divided into breakout groups, creating more opportunity for real-time collaboration.

The idea is to set the stage for conversational sessions that promote the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and best practices from voices throughout our Network.

Informal Connection

Socializing and personal connections are an important part of any conference — and the rapport built among teams at United has always been a highlight of the event. That’s why we’ve built this into United Showcase’s virtual schedule. 

Throughout the week of June 7th to 11th, you’ll have opportunities to connect with other MRI members informally in breakout sessions, happy hours, and more — no matter what time zone you’re in.

Hassle-Free Participation

United Showcase is all about adding value to your career as efficiently as possible. To make your life easier, we’re keeping United 2021 to platforms you already know and use. Network members will be able to sign up directly through MRI’s learning management system, The PATH, and all sessions are hosted on Zoom. You won’t need to download new software or register through an unfamiliar third-party application. Joining United Showcase is quick and easy so you can focus on learning, connection, and collaboration.

Opportunities to Celebrate 

This is a time to look back and celebrate our Network’s resilience through the challenges of 2020, and the momentum we’ve brought into the first half of 2021. 

In fact, that’s the driving force behind this year’s United conference. With the theme of Showcase, our goal is to spotlight our incredible Network of members and offices! The strength and breadth of our membership is one of the things that makes our network such an amazing professional resource. 

Let’s Start Learning

As talent access professionals, we’re always working hard and focused on our goals. That’s part of what makes our Network strong, but it also means that chances to slow down, take a step back, and really connect with our colleagues are rare. Join us for United Showcase 2021 to learn new skills, level up your talent access game, and reconnect with your Network.

We can’t wait to share the topics we’ve designed for our members to connect around at this year’s conference. Keep an eye out for the conversations, panels, and discussions that United Showcase attendees have to look forward to. 

Not an MRINetwork member yet, but curious to learn more about the many perks of joining this incredible global community? Connect with our team today.