As Automation Spreads, Robots Will Take Over Many Jobs. Here Are Some Telltale Signs


By Russ Wiles


The writing is on the wall: Many types of jobs, perhaps thousands, eventually will be replaced by robots.

The news isn’t all bad, as many vulnerable positions are laborious, dangerous or just plain boring. In fact, the transformations will open up new opportunities for people, the economy and society, according to a December report issued by the Obama White House.

But the changes also will “disrupt the current livelihoods of millions of Americans,” the report warned.

Are you prepared for what lies ahead, as more sophisticated machines come online and more advanced artificial intelligence emerges.

“You’d better be asking yourself: Are my skills obsolete? Am I educating myself for new roles?” said Todd Govig of executive-search firm Govig & Associates in Scottsdale.

Here are some signs that you could be vulnerable — and what to do about it.


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