How To Fix Our Broken Workforce: A Three-Point Plan For Dealing With Record Unemployment

In an article posted on, Bert Miller asserts that our current employment system is flawed and proposes three fixes to pull our economy out of its current situation and get people back into jobs:

  1. Stop treating all industries the same when it comes to stimulus spending.  What may be good for manufacturing may be terrible for restaurants, observes Miller. He believes that it is important for the Biden administration to save space at its policy-making table for various voices to be heard, including recruiting leaders who have a unique vantage point on the ramifications of policy changes to today’s workforce. 
  2. Base employment policy on the present, not the past.  The world of work is evolving rapidly in real-time with the acceleration of flexible work arrangements and the rise of independent contractors. Many permanent, full-time jobs have been permanently replaced by contractors. “Instead of fighting this reality,” he advises, “let’s figure out what the new workforce needs.”
  3. Build now for the future (including the very near future).  With millions of unemployed workers wanting jobs, and millions of tech jobs to fill in the near future, Miller believes the solution lies with training. “Train the unemployed and underemployed with skills for the new world,” he says. ”If ever there were a role for a coordinated effort by the federal government to address a workforce crisis, this is it.”

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