Joe Mullings on “14 Reasons You Didn’t Get a Call Back After a Job Interview”

Getting called for a job interview — especially now, in an extremely difficult job market — is a major feat in itself. But of course, you want to make it to the next round or, even better, to get a call offering you the job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes you won’t get a call back due to something completely out of your control — but sometimes, it is something you said or did that could have cost you the gig.

Joe Mullings, Chief Vision Officer at MRINetwork and Chairman of TMG Group of Companies, recently shared his advice with Yahoo! Finance on what might have kept great candidates from getting the gig. He suggests that three key steps can make or break your chances of a call back:

  1. Doing your homework
  2. Asking meaningful questions
  3. Sending a follow-up email 

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