Leadership Skills of the Future

Leaders of the future will also take on the role of thought leaders and influencers

In an article posted on HR.com and HRD, Bert Miller observes that the world is in the midst of a Fourth Industrial Revolution that is fundamentally changing the world of work. As a result, he advises, “leaders need to develop the right skills to help an organization maintain its competitiveness both in leading the charge in upskilling and setting into motion mentoring and development for their teams.”

A hierarchical structure may no longer be the best strategy. “Rather than develop a select few people, management responsibilities will likely be spread across an organization,” he says, and “large teams aren’t as agile as a network of small teams that can be disbanded and reassembled as teams move onto new projects and challenges.”

Miller also notes that leaders need to be strong advocates for their teams. “A leader needs to provide the right resources and direction, and that means understanding everyone’s strengths and weaknesses to be able to assign roles accordingly, as well as to provide training or additional staff with the right skillsets.”

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