Social Media Success: A Guide for Job Seekers

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by Nicole Fallon

Job seekers know that recruiters are searching for them on social media. Nearly every professional understands the importance of having a LinkedIn profile that lists his or her work experience, and many of these professionals realize that Twitter and Facebook profiles can help employers confirm their identity and expertise. But standing out in today’s job market goes beyond simply having social accounts — you need to use those accounts to your advantage and have a strong personal brand on display when — not if — a hiring manager finds you.

“It is important for candidates to utilize social media,” said Rebecca White, area director at staffing firm Kavaliro. “Not only does this show that they are current on the latest technologies, but it also provides them [with a way] to stay in touch with their colleagues, expand their professional network and open themselves up to other career opportunities.”

Each social network has its own unique characteristics and best practices. Like a marketer, you’re ultimately selling a product, and it’s in your best interest to tailor your strategy based on the site you’re using. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your job searching activity on four of the social channels most commonly used by recruiters.


As the go-to network for both professionals and hiring managers, LinkedIn should be a top priority for your social media-related job search efforts. According to an infographic by Career Glider, which cited Jobvite statistics, 79 percent of recruiters make hires through LinkedIn, and of those who use it, more than 90 percent search for, contact and screen candidates based on their profiles.

Completing all the basic sections of your profile is important, but you should also make an effort to make your page content-rich. Chris Heinz, vice president of operations at Westport One, an affiliate of executive search and recruitment organization MRINetwork, advised collecting recommendations from clients and colleagues, as well as adding context to all qualifications and experiences you list.


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