Klein Hersh Responds to Increased Demand for Life Sciences Executive Talent

Uptick in Life Sciences Hiring Spurred by R&D Innovation and Globalization

(Willow Grove, PA) – Over the past six months, the demand for senior executives in pharmaceutical and biotech companies has continued to escalate.  This uptick in the marketplace has emerged despite increased regulation, pricing pressures, and the effects of health care reform in many countries. According to Klein Hersh International (KHI), a leading executive recruitment firm, the global life sciences sector is exhibiting resilience and reinvention as it deploys new research and development (R&D) along with the implementation of new business models.  These models are allowing companies to cost-effectively deliver innovation, value, and improved patient outcomes. As an exhibitor at the upcoming Drug Information Association (DIA) Meeting from June 15–19 in San Diego, CA, companies will be turning to KHI for help recruiting industry-leading life science professionals for both full-time hiring needs and also consulting or contract engagements.

“Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other research-focused organizations are facing the challenge of converting new discoveries, and research breakthroughs into public acceptance and market success,” says Klein Hersh International CEO Robert Klein. “For so many of our partners, the industry is changing at a remarkable rate, and that requires having the right people in place to respond to the demands of growth.”

As key industry insiders, Klein Hersh is seeing hiring increases in biotech hot spots like San Francisco and Boston in response to growth spurts occurring in local companies, as well as robust growth on the services side as emerging organizations take new drugs to trials. Additionally KHI is seeing the impact of globalization with more organizations seeking talent across the EU.

This increased demand comes at a time when the supply of exceptional talent is scarce. “The market is largely candidate-driven today,” explains Klein. “Companies have to compete to get top performers, who are typically interviewing with several companies and receiving multiple offers.  This new dynamic has many organizations turning to Klein Hersh not only to ensure access to top talent, but most importantly, access to our insight and experience to land the right people with the right offer.  We look forward to being among our industry leaders at DIA 2014 and helping them meet their unique talent needs.”

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About Klein Hersh International

For fifteen years, recruiters at KHI have specialized in the life sciences field, with an organization built with specific practice areas’ to mirror that of their life sciences partners. As market leaders, KHI annually places over 400 executives, some of whom have discovered and developed revolutionary medicinal drugs, in companies ranging from mid-size to those with annual sales of over a billion dollars.

Learn more about KHI at http://www.kleinhersh.com and check out our latest whiteboard animation video at http://youtu.be/06Ysdj-LIN4