How a Dublin-based MRI search firm landed an interim partnership with Google

How a Dublin-based MRI search firm landed an interim partnership with Google

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Google needed four long-term contractors to work on a new project in Dublin, Ireland — but their existing talent partner, global staffing company Artech, did not have the local knowledge to find the right candidates for the job.

To fill the contract roles, Google and Artech needed to find a savvy search firm who was tapped into the local market, but sophisticated enough to work with a global, multibillion-dollar company. At the recommendation of former MRI president Stuart Batchelor, Artech got in touch with Stephen Kennedy, Founder and Managing Director of Dublin MRI office Talent Partners.

Talent Partners had already built up experience in the interim staffing market, so they knew they were up for the challenge of finding the talent Google needed to hit the ground running in Dublin. Thanks to the support offered by MRI Contract Staffing, Talent Partners already handled interim placements in the IT, medtech, and engineering sectors, and had been able to add this solution to their offerings without taking resources or energy away from their permanent placement business.


The Talent Partners team knew that to win this major opportunity, they would have to put all their energy into delivering the best pitch possible. But they didn’t have to go it alone — through their MRINetwork membership, they could harness the Network’s contract staffing expertise to show Google and Artech they were the best firm for the job.

Tim Ozier, MRI’s Senior Director of Contract Staffing Sales, worked with Kennedy on a presentation they delivered to Artech together, emphasizing the combination of local knowledge and global payroll and recruiting capabilities which Talent Partners has access to through MRI.

Because MRI Contract Staffing had allowed them to broaden their value by integrating interim staffing into their firm easily and efficiently, Talent Partners could also demonstrate to Google and Artech that they did not have to take a chance on Talent Partners — in addition to their regional expertise and global reach, they were already comfortable in the interim segment of the Dublin market.

“We couldn’t have done this contract without the support of MRI interim solutions. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding… were invaluable to Talent Partners.”

~Stephen Kennedy, Founder and Managing Director, Talent Partners


Thanks to the support they received from their Network and the experience they had built up through MRI Contract Staffing, Talent Partners was chosen as one of two vendors for the Dublin project. It was time to celebrate — but with a company as massive as Google, the support Talent Partners needed did not end when they received the good news.

It took Talent Partners about two months to move through Google’s lengthy vendor onboarding process — and due to Ireland’s strict labor leasing laws, the client and candidate contracts provided by Google were very complex. Throughout this time, Talent Partners needed MRI’s assistance in analyzing them to understand the exact nature of the relationship they were signing up for and to structure the engagement effectively.

All of their careful preparation has quickly paid off. Talent Partners started five contractors with Google in March 2020, whose contracts have now been extended until December 2021, with the expectation that they will be extended again, to run even longer. “Over $250,000 has been invoiced to the client to date thanks to the support we received from MRINetwork,” shared Kennedy.

The relationship Talent Partners built with Google and Artech will continue to grow, too. Beyond the initial five placements, a number of new roles are expected to be released in the coming months, with Talent Partners positioned as the search firm of choice to fill them.

Without their MRINetwork membership, Talent Partners would not have had the interim-specific experience, nor the professional support they needed to win this major contract. Thanks to the MRI Contract Staffing team, they were able to expand their search practice in a new — and exciting — direction.

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