How MR Spokane Uses MRI’s Member Training to Keep Their Team at Their Best

How MR Spokane Uses MRI’s Member Training to Keep Their Team at Their Best

An MRINetwork® White Paper


As part of the MRI family for over 28 years, Management Recruiters of Spokane (MR Spokane) relies on the global reach and development resources included in their Network membership. As an ambitious office with a large team, it takes coordinated, organized effort to make sure everyone is performing at their best.

That is where MRI’s training and talent development services come in. MR Spokane has developed a successful, ongoing partnership with the Network’s internal Learning and Talent Development (LTD) team. Their office consistently takes advantage of multiple training services offered by MRI Corporate to ensure high performance — and impressive results — across their team of recruiters, from rookies to veterans.


“Our regional trainer has been a huge help to me in creating training materials and collaborating on different topics. With the LTD team being in touch as much as they are, we can let him know when we have training necessities for one of our employees.”

~Lance Mooney, CSAM, Vice President of Training and Development with MR Spokane

With the support of MRI’s LTD team, MR Spokane offers their team regular group training, individual coaching appointments, face-to-face and virtual web-based training, role play labs, and the CORE Rookie training programs. Every week, at least one morning meeting deep dives into a specific topic targeted to the teams’ current priorities, successes, or challenges.

Depending on the nature of the class, the training sessions can be attended by just one, or up to 15 attendees. At MR Spokane, one concern is embracing digital transformation and staying at the forefront of their industry. That is why they value MRI’s industry-leading, digital-first approach, intended to give today’s professionals the tools they need to succeed. They have the option to engage with multiple approaches, such as video, eLearning, gamification, testing, live webinars, role plays, on-the-job coaching, and personalized training, to engage all learning styles.


Now, instead of expecting their team members to figure things out alone, MR Spokane can draw on the wisdom of a much larger network to support them. The office uses the LTD team’s training proactively, to bring new hires up to speed and ensure consistency, and also reactively, to individually coach team members who may be struggling or are behind on hitting their goals.

“We have a much more structured training schedule now,” shares Mooney. “Our rookies go through role play labs as soon as things start to dip, but also when their activity is improving, so we can see what the change is.”

MR Spokane has embraced the Network’s individualized approach to training. Together, they have collaborated with MRI Corporate on various training topics that are tailored to help improve the office’s strengths and areas where improvements can be made. “Our team opens up a little more to the trainer, who’s able to give them different insights or fresh ideas on how to do things,” continued Mooney.

For MR Spokane, investing in training has paid off in real, measurable results. “We had one employee that was really struggling to hit his numbers and metrics,” explained Mooney. “Our regional trainer sat down with him for some role play labs and one-on-ones, and was able to identify some areas for improvement that hadn’t come out when he spoke with his manager. Now, his numbers have greatly improved, and he’s making placements.”

MR Spokane needed a way to prioritize training, without taking time and resources away from the day-to-day challenges of running a successful search firm. MRI’s targeted, interactive training services was just the solution they needed.

Support your team’s growth — from rookies to vets — with personalized training designed specifically to support your office with MRI’s LTD offerings.