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Why Interim Staffing Makes Even More Sense During Times of Crisis

A brief review of the history of interim staffing throws light on the evolution of the industry. Three “black swan” events were major disruptors that contributed to the thriving business it is today, according to Tim Ozier, Sr. Director of Sales at MRINetwork: Y2K in 1999. “I guess this wasn’t a true ‘black swan’ event […]

How to Implement an Effective Contingent Workforce Recruitment Strategy

According to Staffing Industry Analysts’ Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey 2018, respondents report that 22 percent of their staff is currently contingent, and project that by 2028 that figure will rise to 30 percent. As the blended workforce continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly important to perfect your company’s recruitment strategies to consistently hire strong permanent […]

Flex Work Options May Help Recruiters Compete for Top Talent

Offering flexible working arrangements may be key to recruiters and hiring managers attracting top talent in their industries.  A global survey conducted by virtual conferencing company Polycom and HR firm Future Workplace found that nearly three out of four employees say their company provides flexible working arrangements. Thirty-two percent of employees surveyed regularly work remotely, […]

The Future of Contract Staffing

Contract staffing, also known as temporary or contingent staffing, has long been a solution for employers to meet short-term or variable staffing needs, while providing candidates with the opportunity to gain seasonal work or work between permanent positions. Temporary employees are no longer viewed as just being lower-level, non-essential and less-committed workers. In fact, the […]